Davis To Speak To Folsom Artists On Copyright And Fair Use

April 13, 2011   Steve Davis   Copyrights   No Comments

Steve will deliver a presentation on “Copyright Infringement and Fair Use in the Visual Arts” to the Folsom Arts Association at its monthly meeting on April 28 at 6 p.m. at The Gallery at 48 Natomas Street.

Steve’s presentation will focus on the following topics:

  • How to prove a claim of infringement of a work of visual art.  In this part we’ll go over the law and the elements of an infringement claim.
  • How to prove a work is similar to another.  The emphasis of this part will be what it means for one work to be similar to another, and how one proves that one work is substantially similar to another.
  • Guidelines for the defense of fair use.  Not all use of a copyrighted work is infringement.  In this part of the presentation we’ll discuss what the elements of a fair use defense are and, more importantly, draw upon real world examples to provide meaningful guidance to working artists.

The Folsom Arts Association is dedicating to cultivating and supporting art appreciation in the Folsom area.  For more information, please see its website here.

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